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liquid plaster and then molded to the posterior surface of the arm
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The treatment of carcinoma in its many forms and locations is
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the physiological processess of life. The hypophosphites of lime
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position is decisive. He is an incarnate bugbear, dressed in the barks of
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17. Hill, W. — " The Eole of the various Tonsils," Brit. Med. Journ.,
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The fresh water ameba resembles the malarial ameba in some re-
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around joints, and pointing to an inflammatory action going on
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of infected cattle imported, and that all had been crush-
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in a minute. Twenty leeches were applied round the cicatrix,
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ministered previously, if necessary, there are occa-
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food, which was always divided into very small portions, with liquids. He was
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tions are common enough. The facts presented would seem to
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undergone, producing a gangrenous condition with sloughing of the
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occur together; and these disturbances, which seemed to Bay-
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constitution, his habits of life, his past history? Let us see
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to recall a trace of the long-lost gai saber of Geoffroi
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like relations of cause and effect ; the hatching of their eggs
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this cut with the closed blunt points of the fistula
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Compt. rend. Soc. d. Biol., lviii, 1900, ii, p. 265.
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publication will serve to illustrate the correctness of Dr.
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more comprehensive, and consequently truer than ''surgical
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its neigh])orin;j; piece which has become constricted
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scenery, are traced out in their tracks and in their fossils
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sciences amphitheater at the Llniversity. Dr. Nathanson
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workers with Mesmerism, and tractors, and ^changes in important parts, such as the
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