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According to Dr. Lambert, physicians are responsible for

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Benzoini Tinctura Composita (Compound Tincture of Benzoin).

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Diploma from a medical school may be supposed to possess, but

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staphylococcus aureus ; and if they do, they often give

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become adherent to the tube, dragged out of position, and kinked.

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or the more tedious forms of chronic disease. It is friendly and helpful to the most

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disease, is not so fully dealt with as we hoped, nor as

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ing the breath, retching, and often a considerable accumulation of

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nesota Surgical Society in Saint Paul on November 5

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ed in the outer part of the upper cul-de sac. The vision of the

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* An instrument curved and grooved to receive the catheter might be

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ards may use the facilities of our pages. No advertisement will be accepted which, either by

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The North American Medical and Surgical Journal, April, 1830. (In exchange.)

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from five to eight minutes, and the bath be followed

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produced, the effects of various interventions on the ar-

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posed chiefly of the lactate of iron, under which she is rapidly

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occasionally) we get a case where the correct refraction may

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ing of abrasions or abscesses ; or it may be caused by indolent tumors

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nostic importance, and the generation of individual-specific