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Montreal is to be the next place of meeting, the date to be
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Joint Professor of Military Hygiene, Army Medical School,
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of the ribs and drag of the rest of the vertebral column.
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ring on the face and around the mouth; this is in little animals, fre-
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half left in the egg divides again, thus producing a
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The honorary degree of Doctor of Science is to be con-
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temperature in these cases coincident with the ingestion of suffi-
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Symptoms. The disease comes on suddenly with extreme
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that of working up the flora, would lose courage were it
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Fig. 9 the bodies lie in a lymph space. It shows also four small forms which
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even if only reasonably suspected of committing an offence
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It is a sad and yet in many respects a pleasant duty to speak of the
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painless. In hernije that have only recently come down, and
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evening, and a dinner at St. George's Hall given by the Ob-
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as the hyperglycemia is subsiding sugar continues to pass into the
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it was lodged, accompany the history. An earlier history of the case, with
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that seize certain neuropathic individuals, and concludes that most of these
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period she was semi-comatose, but could be stimulated into
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surface without leaving the part originally attacked, and the
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Academy of Medicine with copies of the Transactions
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unconsciousness is very transient or entirely absent. Hence cases of this
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The following gentlemen, 38 in number, have fulfilled all the
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and to them salvarsanized serum alone was given. Seventy-five
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yet the neglect of them ia proof alio of immaturity i for, iu fbct, all medicines
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rarely occurs in the median line, although median le-
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or chronic; and it will be convenient to deal with these two groups
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in a happier mind, and better physical health, and there are those
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for the nice and attractive separation of the constituents of the body by an ana-