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rarely, when the bladder is also diseased and the proper condi-

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weakened that the weight of the liquid would tear it. The upper

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cardiac stimulant, diluting the toxins in the blood, and increas-

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very small quantity, having the composition CjHgNjOj,

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phagocytes. While the endothelial cells of the peritoneal and

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A. B. 1972, Cornell University; M.D. 1976, St. Louis

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bandage under the paint of the heel, thence to the dorsum, then

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gastric ulcer. I think they may Ix; of interest to the Society as they

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both with regard to prognosis and treatment. However, if neg-

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record any adverse reaction occurring within three days

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it has but recently left the vessels, and has come, therefore, from the large

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now some 18 mm. in total length, in which no ganglion cells were

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pain in the feet is so great that the animal is unable to gather its food,

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Hon. J. P. Mclntyre, Hon. j. M. Deering, Hon. F. S. Adams,

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in so short a time is quite surprising. It establishes how-

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istered in the dose of two grains daily. In this dose it may be given

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gray, the outer two-thirds lost in the tumor, the pelvis

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I took the bold, perhaps rash step, and certainly one unprece-