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Etiology: — These diseases cover a larger range of the

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cles as regards diagnosis, it still remains rather ob-

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4. That as it required long years of observation to establish the noxious in-

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lowed by death \ who will venture to attempt fuch an

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semi-comatose, in which an enema produced an extremely

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learns that entering a hospital is an easy way to avoid

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of the Cauda equina ; but, so far as I have been able to discover, neither

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without the devotion of the Hindoo, but only from a false pride

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thereto authorized in writing by the district attorney, mayor, or select-

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seat of the intellectual and mental functions. The patient lies on his side,

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applied all over the lungs, front and back, to the number of twenty or thirty.

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splendid sanitation, its beautiful cities, its five hospitals, and above all,

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plaster or dressing underneath it, will also now become advisable.

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dents, Drs. R. Tunstall Taylor, of Baltimore, and A.

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Hull 20.7, Leeds 16. (i, Leicester 14.4, Liverpool 21.5. London

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I next visited the farm of Thomas Foster, Dwight, Morris County, Eans. Mr.

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nodules are evenly distributed through the substance of the liver and are of

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dizziness of the head, constriction of the chest, and purging.

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It is admitted with regret that the profession knows but little

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preparations of the native drug under consideration (Apocynum

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Beneavin, Glasnevin, the Convalescent Home of Cork Street

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for instance, a case of appendicitis with rupture. We

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reagents from the activated serum does not restore the original re-

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children or adults, males or females, or between the races whites, blacks,

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for forty-eight hours, an opaque myelographic examina-

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duce restlessness and wakefuhiess, for in such a 1 n-d

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fees. ACTIVE OPPOSITION, because the Council feels that it is

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tion, the malaria operated as a direct irritant on the

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