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ever held by this society. Drs. James Campbell of Marlboro
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feeble, though the action of the heart may continue inordinately strong
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when the effects of miasm have long disappeared from the sys-
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small, and that therefore they are neither accessible to physical
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sclerosis has not been examined with anything like the regularity and
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lateral ligament, and is prolonged beneath the insertion of the sartorius.
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beautiful words of Thomas a Kempis are true and always
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importance. It is customary to speak of the parotid as a true serous gland,
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for the difficult parts of the body. And this did more than any
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however, are too carefully scrutinised nowadays for such a falsification as
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nourished and fine-looking young girls, aged between sixteen
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could not see objects U feet from his eyes, but could distinguish direct light
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no harm in any sense ; and then the patient may be peculiarly
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Evidently no affection of the lymphatic or blood-vascular systems
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on peripheral paralysis resulting from focal infection, 254
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the limbs into the proper jiositiou. The photograph
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Catheters and bougies should be kept in a metallic box. Rubber
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Every man should know what his horse is entitled to
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Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and England asking
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The author has found, however, that whenever a longer period
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from faeces and urine ; '2 parts of carbonic acid per thousand
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as being annoyed with a cough, much emaciated, exceedingly
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stem. The leaves consist usually of five thin leaflets 1 to 3 inches long, with
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If a piece is cut from a stem of Tubularia a new hydranth will
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parts should be immediately excised and the actual cautery ap-
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terminal axis-fibre surrounded by the soft conducting substance of the corpuscle, and invested