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" It is one of those singular but odious customs, which we often

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effects from the nerve centres. That soothing or stimulating manifestations

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of the monasteries by Henry VIII. in 1542, and the times

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were present as usual in internal organs, and that in the course of time they

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Having now brought before you every fact bearing on the

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nourishment by mouth. The two measures likely to be of the great-

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faradic and galvanic currents, and showed the serial re-

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spitting of blood. This is tlie first symptom, which

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plication is convergent squint. 6. The influence of heredity is not clearly

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the measles toxin alone, but may frequently be seen with severe complica-

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perversion of his intellect. In some cases there is alteration of manner, in

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ciency would be desirable ; and there is no question

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being provided with four periodicals. If all interests could be brought

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internal jugular vein. During exairesis, the wall of the vein was

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powdered wliite hellebore, 10 drachms, powdered ni-

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the right knee six weeks previously. Thereafter he could scarcely walk upon the

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earlier tliau tlie Christian era. As in the first case, this

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of cases of leprosy, and for the establishment of a lazaret for the

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But as my intention is not to give a history of this instrument, I

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Certainty of detection would undoubtedly serve as a deterrent in

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no harm; sometimes when we tap them we find blood instead of serum,

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vation, and an ability to interpret and analyze ascertained facts which

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occasion great disturbances o^f the general nutrition and much

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while he was performing his experiments on this subject, the reader

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to carry it out, twenty minutes is quite sufficient to set a cup of