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When I arrived the poor man scarcely had any pulse at the wrist!
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The change from external segmentation to internal segmen-
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Westboro' ; Vice-President, Dr. Charles M. Green, of
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gliomatous disease of the brain (fourth ventricle).
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4,624 druggists, 2,645 hospitals, with 128,306 beds. While
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cracks. The best treatment is preventive in character.
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15 c.c. of cerebro-spinal fluid, 10 c.c. of 25 per cent, magnesium
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1963. Rutter, William A., 425 Wister Rd., Wynnewood, Pa.
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suspicions were entertained of a cerebral complication
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exercise should be continued for the first week ; when,
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symptoms purely symptomatic, as may be repeatedly witnessed both