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tion (Armanni); necrosis of epithelium (Ebstein), fatty degeneration (Fichtner);

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tion, but a hard drinker, was in his usual health up

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are always called into existence, or accompany a pathological con-

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and on the south side by two other forts, one of which is built in the water.

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The dose is the same as that of chloral hydrate. — British Medical Journal,

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tion — usually less — ^for the thoughts and emotions of the

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uary G, 1886, instead of May 5, 188G, as stated in the report.

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flufhed •, the veins are not turgid, but the refpira-

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suffering from constipation and affected likewise with spasmodic

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follow authority, until it became most apparent that my patient

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eight times, when he appeared to be clear of disorder.

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toneum, and immediately on dividing the muscular wall, a small cyst which

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week after having wounded his foot by stepping on a

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become dormant, perhaps, from drinking large quantities of water

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value, as I am sure it has, is that it substitutes an

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tificate of a preceptor is accepted as sufficient ev-

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from time to time, and recur over a long period in patients whose health

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the starch-grain ; it is quite possible that the different starches vary in their

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have ready knowledge of where the artery lies, around

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that tubercle is a disease of a specific nature, in the same sense as

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In a paper read before the late Pan-American Medical Congress,

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theria, and frequently accompanies pyaemia, scarlet fever, variola, and

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contact with them? There are often peculiarities which seem

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without bronzing of the skin, and bronzing without lesion of the

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society for any one to keep or treat a case of declared farcy ; there-

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the arch of the colon, a certain degree of tympanitic percussion

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