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amounts of chromatin material. The cytoplasm of the cell is, in
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marked characteristics in his life. He was always most punctilious in
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endemic disease in many places in the troj)ics, in the temperate zones,
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The spectacle of one man balking the wishes of the people
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nitely endemic character. At present it is a common infection
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spital, Vienna, where for the last four years all severe cases have
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patch of skin as large as a half-crown marking the situation of a large
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sional cares and honors. He was one of the founders of the
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arrested, the condition is know as knee-spavin. The
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calmness that the silent night, and a mind free-from ail dis-
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creas with fibrin thrombosis and fibrinogenopenia. Cancer 1953; 6:862-869
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possible, whether in health or disease, for it should always be
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idll here remaf k, that, though worms in the iBtestines
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International Rugby Football Match lately played between Scot-
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M.D.C.M. 1961, McGill University College of Medicine
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brain as the part affected, the probabilities are much in favour of tumour.
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written in the English language, and it is hoped that
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been very thoroughly described as the ulcus exulcerans,
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that of a woman, who died of phthisis at the age of 42, and whose
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after vasectomy had previously been done. De Quervain states
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to cauterization ; but this is only the case when there is a
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been a large factor in influencing the great physi-
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BiRCH-HiRSCHFELD, Zweite vollig umgearbeitete Auflage.
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Csesar, when travelling on the Illinois prairies.* Such
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For President, Zina Pitcher, M.D. ; for Vice President, J. H. Beech
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slightly alkaline. If it is acid or strongly alkaline the organism will not grow
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There was no organic constriction in any part of the
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