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15 miles east of Rawlins. The North Platte, one of the
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months in temperate zones, and has its acme of occurrence
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In December, 1915, a Japanese patient entered the ward with a diagnosis
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dent of the Connecticut Botanic Medical Society, and President of the
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the permeability of the gland the relative equilibrium that has been
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to be free from the escape of sewer gas. On the other hand,
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renders it possible, but in connection with this, there is
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small intestine transplantation for short-gut syndrome and liver failure. West
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few t^ justify any decided conclusion, they at least show ground for a more
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(a) In recent traumatic cases an attempt should always be made to
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adopted fi)r ordinary cases, and it is of these I am
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successive generations of a S. salivariiis from a parent strain derived
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duke was much struck. Cooking was done daily in it for more than
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body, an incision was made through the wall of the duo-
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creditation of Hospitals, the Department of Health, and the
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and it is quite symmetrical. She has a habit of frequently sucking
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less than the calculated amount of oxalic acid, and then reconverted
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purpose of confinement, must take place in a closed vehicle, or the
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Canada last season had no other sustenance on the voyage.
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— Chomel et lieyruLXid, Diet., 1837, en XXX., Vol. XV., 125.— Gendrin, Traite
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general law, it was unnecessary to render the urine more than neutral, except
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rabbits with the materials of carbuncle, phlegmonous abscess,
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been able to produce meningitis by inoculation, but the method of inocula-
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of the treatment may have had Something to do with the