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with the first use of the generic name. Proprietary names of

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The presence or absence of the tuning fork vibration sensa-

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atinin under proper conditions is adsorbed by kaolin (Greenwald,^^ 1918), but

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cattle in Kansas. A careful study of the environments of the affected

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ever, is more likely to have a tinge of brown or yellow than red,

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cardiac disease, especially when complicated with anaemia, than by a

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plication to the hind legs of rabbits, he had been enabled to amputate

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avail us in rescuing either life. The danger of injury lies in the pressure exerted in labour

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vaginal portion of the cervix, amputation by means of the galvano-cautery

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tender by keeping, it is more wholesome while fresh, and freshness

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upon the condition of the pulse and upon the character of the heart

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Visiting Physicians — Drs. E. Newhall, I. F. Galloupe, D. F.

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nancy, and in the later months in cases of retroversion

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On motion, the report was accepted, and the Secretary, and Drs.

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associated, although some people find it impossible to close one eye with-

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the fingers, suggesting a distended stomach. On watching the abdomen for some

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powers are very weak the food may be peptonised, the object of this

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organic acid ; and the question whether this be nitrogenous is as yet

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cardia. Experiment has shown that after the administration of this substance

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instance 4 of a similar kind is related by Lallemand, in which in

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Dr. J. G. Carpenter, Stanford : Pus in the abdomen or peritoneal

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arthritic trouble, just as others wiU be subject to

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sided, his three children and wife were suddenly seized. The

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enforcing mental and bodily rest ; in allowing a plain nourishing

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Serum Calcium in Jaundice at Three-hour Intervals Following