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with her siae, and she now performs all her own housework,
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tion of cyst; injection of air; rontgenogram ; routine blood transfusion 500
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On analyzing these cases we find that the occluding clots may be divided
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which the cause is directly referable to the stomach as the seat of
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» Schreiber, Fortschritte der Medicin, 1888, p. 656.
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as inspector of unserviceable property. March 2, 1899.
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Little, the well-known London orthopojdic surgeon, has
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constantly held by the mother in her lap, or by some of her friends, as
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Passed Assistant Surgeon — G-. W. Stoner, Portland, Me.
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horses in any country, and though the remarks made above
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A Recent Graduate of Medicine who is well posted on animal
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perfusing the powder repeatedly with a NaCl solution weaker than
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Lieutenant Jere B. Clayton, assistant surgeon, U. S. A.,
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needle. After investigating the subject superticially,
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cure eflected by quinine, not to the simple destruction of the fungus, but also
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great differences in relation to its quantity and constituent
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watermelon seed in his lung. In January the boy had a hard attack of
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not detected. The tissues of the ascending raeso-colon were stained black
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abdomen, and the soles instead of the outer surface of the feet
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coated tongue with red edges, and if there be a tendency to diarrhoea
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pathology of such cases is easily understood, and their cure effected
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t^erg-, one in Zurich, two in Marburg, two in Berlin, one
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of the physician than in that of the executors of justice;
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ber of members does not mean the number of patients ;
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(Eds): Maxcy-Rosenau-Last Public Health and Preventive Medicine, 13th Ed.
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tlie east end of George Street. The foundation stone of this Hall had been laid
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Waterville, Kennebec (1802), 4672 — Boutelle, N. R. : Thayer, F. C.
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the jaw-bone, don't know how it does, but it is supposed to be through