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With unremitting care and ceaseless vigilance her physicians, like sentinels,

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between the ages of 23 and 30, be doubly qualified, and prefer-

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dition of the patient. In a woman past the age of child-bearing a small amount

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the caliber of the outlet meanwhile remaining constant, or we may

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relapse is a good example of this. In a doubtful case we must remember that

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Feeding of cakes each containing 0.002 gm. thyroid commenced.

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Medical Parents' Club. Here he talks ivith Dean BerryhAl and three of the

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adhesive strapping as necessary. Their progress is closely watched. On

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sexes. The majority of cases are in persons suffering from

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(^Cliniijue Chirin-gicdle, tome ii., 8vo. Paris, 18(i4).

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culated middle lobe is simply excised with the scissors or

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The old prophet siid the human heart is deceitful and above all things des-

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do not " tear down to build up," nor are the medicines I administer

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addressing L. W. Noyes, 99 West Monroe Street, Chicago.

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paid to climatic influences, to position, and to soil, many

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ether for rtlief, and during his second stay in tlie hos-

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of influenza in 1892, at Petrograd, deserves special mention, since it

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the demands of which bear no just proportion to the

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necessary under ether, but only in order to make the admi-

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lower third of the thigh. The line of the nerve can be marked

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the congresses which are to be held in Paris in 1900.

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when the first dressing was done. The arm and hand,

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It is given in detail in the American edition of Velpeau's Sur-

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the school-boy who has to go half a mile takes a trolley car. Every-

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the lesions to be syphilitic. The diseased parts were then removed with

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In a case of apparent tuberculosis of the posterior