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Soothing Syrup, Ralston's Select Bran and Acme Diabetic Flour, Dr.

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epidemic of 1903 was unquestionably due to water supply. The

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marked a reduction of urine or an anuria is produced.

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ulocytosis due to nafcillin therapy for staphylococcal en-

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Hypertonic Contraction or Intermittent Closing of the

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Chairman of the Civic Committee; C. E. Ford, Chairman of the Legisla-

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through conversion to hysterical manifestations are frequently

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and the nitrites ; while the salts of calcium, strontium, magnesium, and

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the depraved morality of those who perform and of the medical

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History of Legislation in Ohio Regulating the Practice of

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patients, but to trace them to their homes, to get at the tuberculous

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Ash 0.66, Specific Gravity 1.033, Total Solids 12.55 ; on September 6, Fat

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conferred upon Provost Smith, Charles W. Stiles, in charge of the work

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II, The Sanitary Aspects of Public Water Supplies. Ill, Symposium on

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Presented before the Clinical and Pathological Section of the Academy

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pack should last not longer than thirty minutes, should not

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as that of the artery on the opposite side, but the resistance

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I Physician’s Desk Reference 31st ed., Oradell, New Jersey,

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greater quantity then when on the roof. In spite of this fact

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Hydrobromid, Digitonin, Emetin Hydrochlorid, Gelsemin Hydrochlorid,

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million and a quarter dollars — and the end is not yet.

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had significantly more eosinophils than those who failed

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betes and pancreatitis and died from diabetic coma.

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C. C. Guthrie, in closing, said that he did not wish his remarks to

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illness, a prolonged and debilitating one. This aspect

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From time to time during the last four years the writer

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very rare in the literature. He believed that chronic obliteration is always