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Rabbit /.—Right and left ears suspended in separate beakers containing Dakin's
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higher osmotic pressure is quite pronounced. Arrhenius made the hy-
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groups of muscles, lasting for some days, or by tetanic spasms,
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also be acknowledged that, if congenital narrowing be present,
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arrangement is rare, and there is no streptococcic growth like that seen
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This accident had occurred to him whilst operating on the dead
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decrease has taken place in the last month, only a little over one-half the
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Dr. Borde has given a very encouraging account of the effects of
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It is natural that hysterical anaesthesia should develop very
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Booth, Wilbur H., 172 Genesee St., Utica, Oneida Co. Original.
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A Treatise on the Diseases of the Nervous System, 1873.— 28. Helman. Ann. de
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an action for damages will lie. In such an action the recovery
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skin, the serous membranes, especially pleura or pericardium, and less fre-
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out through the tube. The wound was then dressed antisepti-
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the Ligue contre La Mortalite Infantile. The aim of this Ligue
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BRONSON, John R., Attleboro' — 1852 — 2 to 3; 5 to 9. Mem.
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up the pot with fresh v>'ater, replace the beef, and let it boil
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examination. It is indisputable that in some cases of pneumo-
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not so much to be feared for its immediate danger, as for the
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