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Calf B. — On Aug. 15, 1917, when the calf was 39 days old, blood appeared in

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Grand total of regiments 657; total number of battalions — infan-

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bandage under the paint of the heel, thence to the dorsum, then

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be done at a less cost per pound than if made on the hundred farms.

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tion or hardening of any structure, but now used only when

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tuberculosis in fowls ; this tuberculosis seems to localize

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nerves supplying them. The muscles are divided into

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immediate meeting of the local medical society and pass condem-

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wifery Homes where mothers can go for confinement, where ap-

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with two diseases in the same lung, or one disease in two forms. He would

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should arise from the anaesthetic, a fatal result would

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of old dislocations of the shoulder. Of these cases seventeen are recorded in

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suppurative exudate in its lumen. Heart, spleen, kidney,

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