Parkinsons Amantadine Side Effects

other symptom, directly or inversely. There is no evidence of any organic

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The second case was the following from the Mayo clinic on

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tissue or tubercle l)acilli. The blood count on September 22 revealed hemo-

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associated with interstitial hepatitis. The diagnosis of hepatic tertiary

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{d) Fibrosis of the Lung. Fibrosis of the lung, sometimes termed

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On the other hand, rice-bran extract had no curative effect upon the paralysis

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Past History. The patient does not remember any illness until ]irescnt

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(2) Haemorrhagic form. The haemorrhages may be petechial, diffuse,

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case is held in the doubtful list as regards etiology.

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tion, for which I could not well account; it was evinced in the

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micturition therefore is not due to any recovery of the central nervous con-

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the branches of the fifth pair, which are distributed among the

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tary purpose in the economy, or are strictly morbid, we do not

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symptoms of renal insufficiency were prominent. On the other

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2 mg. and below 4 mg. in the remaining 11 cases. They believe

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nodular swellings have appeared on the other side of the neck in

parkinsons amantadine side effects

since 1910 the army death rate has fallen far below that found in