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erfully impressing their feelings or imagination. Nervous headache is
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above-mentioned combination is, I think, the most efficacious which
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1. 7%tTmptmtic EfecU. The therapeutic effects of ofM as an astrin-
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After the mixture, a white insolnble Bubstuuee gradually separates, if j
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important inference is dedocible from this fact, in determining the therd
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much-to-be-desired quality to be cultivated. No matter
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protective and curative influences on the process of
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alead of having been quite set aside, the paroxysm returns in a very mild
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18 no proof that they may not be labouring under the effects of lead.
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according to the character of the narcotic used. All these are the direct
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the surface. In the former case, if taken in any considerable quantity, they
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ble on account of the common salt it contains. If given in solution,
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caiidouslj used, when no sjoiptoins of acuteoess iu the taflamniatioD
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when given with Peruvian bark and salphate of quinia, to increase their
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ment ot the serufu!ou8 cachexia, in which a general laxity of the tissueg,
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lant in low states of fever, ef^peeially when the existence of disorder of
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tion of a solution of cyanide or of iodo- cyanide of potassium. {Joum.
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the effiects of their irritation, as exhibited in spasms and other irregular
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wrestle on, for in persistency lies victory, and with
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reference to its action on the nervous system, is really universal in i
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these may be denominated general remedies. Another large division
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%o the general effects of iron on the system, as in simple chlorosis, or in
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symptoms in women, hypochondriacal in men, are some of the conse-
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proof in a ease which came under his notice (Brit, and For. JiedieO'
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to bacterial endotoxin. Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med. 78: 687.
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out of his pocket as if he paid the same in hard cash at once
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full of energy and hope, and prepared to enter zealously upon the datie8
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fatality amongst those who pass rapidly from one climate to
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produce a decided feeling of coldness, with shivering, paleness an4 con-
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It is a solution of diacetate of lead, consisting of one equivalent of
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seems greatly augmented, the bather feels uncomfortable, a
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efficacy, though requiring caution. Upon the same principle, it may bo-
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even if it did imbibe infection more than other textures,
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Adminidralion. Cinnamon is sometimes administered in powder, in