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To furnish that evidence is the object of Dr. Channing s publication.

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very few weeks have elapsed since this operation and although

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calomel and grains jalap to be given the patient at bedtime

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Section under Dr. Otis Comparative Anatomy Section under Dr.

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however tuberculin does not affect the tubercle for what reason

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through a fine tube. Invagination volvulus or gut tie when

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nothing and the microscope alone reveals the presence

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was preserved by means of sponge lint and the quantity of fluid

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contained attenuated bacilli. When last heard from he was at

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greater confidence that work will be well done and with this will

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the ensiform cartilage to midway between the umbilicus and the

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casting. The reason hereof is because the sea water is salt and

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tinction excepting one of degree between retroflexion and retroversion

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and the paroxysm aggravated and brought on by the slightest

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notice. The odious and pestilential cesspool always to be found in the back

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Still it may not be uninteresting to refer to an explanation proposed by

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the Welch bacillus of undoubted purity however never exhibit note

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Dermoid Cyst of the Scrotum. Reclus J l reports a case of

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gained much knowledge concerning the nature frequencj

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by the putrefaction of humors in the secret recesses of

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and at the same time to point out the impossibility by

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ligation of the diseased mass in various ways from simple

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found in an article by Salomon in the Berliner Minische Wochenschrift

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Taseline in which is incorporated a small amount of eucalyp

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the main incidence of cerebrospinal fever it is almost impossible

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the extremities in which danger of a fra amp ure is to be

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this congestion and the improved well being of the woman

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degree perhaps in the case of the thumb the second and third phalanges

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Theoretically vapor baths with sulphites and antispas