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Gynecologist to St. Mark's Hospital and to the German Dispensary,

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of morphin, Avith gr. -g^ (0.00008) of atropin, as the first dose in a child

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atous eruption then appears, Avhich is irregularly disseminated over the

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tenable any plea of lack of resource that may be advanced. Dtnigs

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secretion, composed largely of serum {bronehorrhoea serosa), but more

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Renal and hepatic colic bear a superficial similarity to enteralgia.

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place in the middle region of the frontal cortex just under the anterior

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lated rather than basal. The proper way to dispose of these

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of her life, when she bore the intense suffering of a most distressing

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pecus?ion, but these are without real diagnostic value.

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(/) Pulmonary Disturbances. — Chronic bronchitis, to which asthma

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If the aneurysm is largely concealed, bimanual palpation should be

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period of consciousness intervening {status epilepticus) — a very dangerous

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ties are taken (sviij-x — 236.0—300.0 every two hours). When whole

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occurrences, all happening in persons otherwise in the best of health

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(5) Other terms descriptive of localized forms of muscular rheuma-

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the posterior part of the first temporal convolution,

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" winter cough of the aged," and, as before intimated, is usually accom-

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Palpation. — In pronounced grades the impulse may be felt as low

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"dead finger" is a common symptom, and its occurrence is by no means

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The cour.%e as regards the local symptoms is marked by alternate

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If, for instance, an institution contained 10 incipient and 90

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without jaundice, but no cachexia. standing cases, the occurrence of ca-

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Fig. 48.—]. Air in the pleural sac; 2, fluid exudate at base of pleural sac; 3, compressed portion

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Ocular Changes Occurring During Pregnancy, and Their Diagnos-

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Certain complications, as touches of pleurisy and pneumonia, rarely appear.

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the following : Leukemia, hypertrophic cirrhosis, atrophic cirrhosis (hyper-

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service in prolonging life. The variability and humidity of temperate