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the patient is unable to judge of the amount of force needed to accom-

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sub cideni, or into the peritoneal cavity, substances antagonistic to the

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used a double tube, which is introduced into the bronchiectatic

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which does not want it; whereas with the floor of the

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and consistent high level of performance. Please join us in congratulating these

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entiate bacteria according to very slight and possibly transitory differences,

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in the mouth or teeth; from eating irritating plants, such as wild

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the process or a mixed infection, and when occasional some acci-

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Times were from a preliminary ongoing study published ■

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should be rubbed with juice of lemon, the spot then covered with

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to tumours. Proc. Roy. M. & Chir. Soc. Lond., 1890-91,

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quite abundant in the liver — a point worthy of note.

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has also used little electric lamps, in a bulb and with a circu-

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tion. If present on the right side, they may be mistaken for an enlarged

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.- :..y,rd ill i.Ttaili dirrcti-li- \'} thieUurd lihv.i,- l.iiub uhiih c.m-ti-

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bed for about ten days or two weeks, after which he should

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1. Brooks. J. R. : Hiatus hernia — the method of repair ; a

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was as healthy as other children. At that time he was

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There is local tenderness on pressure, and nausea and repeate<l vomitings are

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directly supplied by branches of the vagus nerve. The

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seniority and after due examination as vacancies occur in that

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ences of ancient customs and effete precedents, have been for

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deposited in a drawer. More than a year afterwards, a child being

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they float away from the tip of the proboscis ; but (and this is a very

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phragm ; or gives rise to some positive suffering or urgent incon-

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A paper on Hypodermic Medication, by Benjamin H. Catlin,

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certain states of the system which prevent altogether the full operation

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in bed ; when up, he played about and eat as usual j he took

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days, or at latest in a week or two, he is dead ; and after death

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some have told of them. I have no recollection of serious

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three times a day. The general irritability, harassing

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Dr. W. G. Nicholson, of Green Bay, discussed the paper from< the surgical

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is usually obliterated, the nasal fossae are blocked up, the orbits are en-

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lives in the Fleet Sewer : they had gone to work in an ill-ventilated part,

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of the iris is disorganized and presents in its middle a funnel-

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Treatment. If the physician should be enabled to observe the

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that this amenorrhcea can be induced more easily in an older woman.

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Ovarian cyst. From a preparation in Dr. Gross's cabinet.

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the widespread territory of the British Empire (in Canada and

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Columbus by the Indian women, and brought by these men to

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Fracture of Metatarsus. — There wore three cases of fracture of