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In many cases of purpura a preceding inflammation of the throat,
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diastole does not occur, but soon the action of the heart is
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transient and moderate in degree. The presence of glycosuria is
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was able to go to London on the Saturday, and in the evening of
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£l,2ii0; Thomas Annandale (Clinical Surgery), £823; Sir Douglas Maclagan
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months, or even years, during which the characters of the attacks are
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however, of localized adhesions occurs in the peritoneum. Thus, in
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every direction. All these features are due to accumulation of a drop-
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the blood preceding local involvement of the lung, many cases show well-
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to 21.7 in Manchester, 22 6 in Salford, 22.0 in Wolverhampton, 24.0 in
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chemists and drugg'sls, but as being "left to the care of a
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other times ver>' large forms are found, called megaloblasts. White
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judicious selection of theories and methods. Those of
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that there is no embryological connection between the kidney and the
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in adults in advanced stages of phthisis, as well as in diabetes mellitus;
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While the upper limbs are attacked in about 85 per cent, of all cases,
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Cases.— The minutes of the last meeting having been read,
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that of the grand jury. Although the coroner's jury, and the
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ilimn, and, to a variable extent, in the large intestine as well. A great
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vouch. Being in reduced circumstances, she had several dis-
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p )sed and Dr. Ade.ney sciiouded, the adoption of tiie report,
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striction, as if the chest were in a vise, and radiation of the pain up the
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cutaneous eruptions may take place. These cutaneous eruptions may
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The appearance of a child with chronic hydrocephalus is immis-
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In such cases, however, it is not the tumor that is cured, but the
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namely. Souza-Leite,^"Thibierge.-'i and Orrillard. '2 . ,
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more than lo oz. at a time should be withdrawn. In many cases this
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percentages at each age period of the two kinds of attack
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cough when the same application would not over the apex of the sound
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not to have been given as that of one who knowingly resorted to adver-
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in this ease to see his chief without delay, and cause the dor-
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-chemists. But the rapid increase in the supply of proprie-
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It is fairly safe to prophesy that photography will in the
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Dr. Cattle read a paper on the nature of cancer, parasitic
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end of the bone was levered out with strong lion forceps.
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abundant quantity of albumin which no known measures can diminish.
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ness on percussion, contiguous with the limited areas of a clear per-
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It is satisfactory to find that, with the exception of Oxford
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pylorus. They may, however, occur anywhere on the walls of the
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previously directed to the left, an immediate movement of
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History, and Botany are not allowed to engage in private practice. No
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fluid, with an alkaline reaction, exuded. Over some of the
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week's illness, turned imiversally yellow, and lost every particle of