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generally over the abdomen, especially in right side. Much


1950. Sharp, Reuben L., 719 Cooper St., Camden, N. J.

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ing nitrogenous diet to coufiteract the threatening impoverishment of

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after death the organism was found only locally, but as in the case of

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dened, firm, and edematous. The surrounding soft parts* the fancial an'

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of two somewhat converging longitudinal cuts, which

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as incubator and culture tubes. The best culture medium is Loeffier's

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downward on itself at a very sharp angle. The larger

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Five pamphlets by J. J. "Woodward, Assistant Surgeon U. S. A., in charge

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families, and rarely did a child exposed to the infection escape. The disease

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only thirty-six, or less than one in eleven. I believe that Dr

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distinctly attributed to it. It is affecting mostly those who have had the disease

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cells are apt to take on a deeper pink. Of the stains

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fatal result was caused beyond doubt by the evolution of gases

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berland filter the addition of serum to the material filtered does not

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<nn(l on dreaming, night mare, and somnambulism ; but as these

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but by increasing the blood-pressure helps to eliminate them, and,

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She has impressed upon these pursuits new features : 1.

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think I am mad, I speak the word of truth upon surer grounds than

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entire thyroid gland in dogs is fatal, whether the spleen

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infectious disease, the cause of which is not yet definitely

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